Stock Condition Surveys

We can provide Stock Condition Surveys aligned to the needs of Registered Social Landlords, Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Having accurate information about your housing stock puts you in control, and saves you money when you plan and procure works. 

1. You know what is required, and don't rely on suppliers telling you; 

2. By having accurate stock data to share, you get more suppliers to quote; and

3. You can then conduct an archetype call off or bid, which gets more accurate pricing, and only the winner needs to do a detailed manufacturer survey.

Our approach is tailored to your individual needs: We can provide you with the raw data for self-analysis, or prepare a detailed report, highlighting any defects and maintenance needs, with advice in line with current legislation. 

Our standard method includes Immediate feedback on completion of surveys to highlight any obvious risks and defects; and a full written report within one week (subject to stock numbers and prior agreement)

Service options include:

Database Survey

Initial analysis and collation of all existing data on your housing stock, to benchmark what you have, and identify data gaps

Walkabout Survey

An individual stock condition survey, based on criteria set by / bespoke to each client

High risk: Health and Safety issues requiring immediate attention of the Asset Manager will be listed in order of priority

Low risk: Standard maintenance items will be listed for your reference, to incorporate into your planned maintenance programmes.

Drone Survey

Unlike desktop/Google map exercises, which are limited in terms of image quality and historical currency, drone surveys offer detailed, up-to-date aerial assessment comprising both video and still photo data. This can include:

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