About us

B2G tender and manage frameworks on behalf of Gold Hill Housing Association, who have tasked us with helping clients across the UK to build and maintain their publicly owned or managed property, and in so doing, generate commercial value for both the buyers and suppliers, and social value for the communities they serve.

We earn a small levy on invoices raised on projects we support, and share any surplus between local GHHA community projects and national homeless projects.

Whilst GHHA are in Buckinghamshire, our B2G team of procurement and construction experts are based across the UK, and we leverage this and our experience as central purchasing body professionals to ensure B2G frameworks are national in both scale and suitability, and spanning both housing and non-housing property

As a framework manager we treat both buyer and supplier as clients, and we help our clients deliver projects successfully, from procurement to completion.

It helps that we've worked with most types of contracting authority: central & local government; trusts; NGOs; agencies; housing associations etc. It also helps that we've worked with most types and size of supplier and consultant, at all level of the supply chain, at all stages of a project.

We use that understanding to develop frameworks that meet the needs of all parties.