About us

B2G - ˌbiːtəˈdʒiː - adjective & noun
abbr. for business-to-government

B2G.services help public and private sector clients build and maintain property across the UK, to generate both commercial and social value.

We've been set this task by Gold Hill Care, for whom we tender and manage frameworks, and with whom we share the 1% levy applied to all invoices raised on any project, programme or term contract "called off" the frameworks, to support community initiatives we select together.

Whilst GHC are in Buckinghamshire, the B2G team are based across the UK, and we leverage our procurement & construction expertise gained in both public & private sectors, to provide services both national in scale and suited to all asset types.

We're a new team of old hands, and it helps that we've acted as client, supplier and intermediary, and worked with most types of public body - whether central, local, agency, trust, association or charity - and most types and size of supplier, at all level of the supply chain, at all stages of a project.

We treat both public sector buyers and private sector suppliers as our clients, with a shared aim of delivering each project on time, on budget.