including both installation and reversion of disability adaptations

We focus on one-off low-value "sub-threshold” projects such as disability adaptations and reversions, which, whilst often life-changing for the occupiers/recipients, can be a challenge for landlords, for a variety of reasons:

On a budget level

  • they don't fit into planned maintenance programmes because timing is based on tenant need, not property schedules; and

  • they don't fit into unplanned repair budgets because they're more complex and costly than a typical repair

On a resource level

  • they're too small and uneconomic for larger retained contractors; but

  • they're too complex for the DLO handyman, as they require input from multiple specialist trades


Acting both directly and in an advisory capacity, we can assist with the

  • planning and design;

  • project and site management; and

  • supply and installation

We work both directly and alongside local contractors who may not have experience of delivering publicly-funded projects, but would like to do so.


We help the local contractor:

  • understand (and deliver) the compliance and quality standards to which they must adhere on public projects;

  • understand what certification may be needed, together with the associated internal changes that may be required to become certified; and

  • acquire (through successful delivery of the project) a case study to prove their experience and help them bid for future works

We help the local contracting authority:-

  • clear an awkward project off their to-do list; and

  • gain an additional qualified local contractor to whom they can entrust future projects