Pitched & Solar Roofing Solutions

and all associated works, goods & services


The Prior Information Notice (PIN) was published on Find a Tender Service (FTS):

Publication reference: 2024/S 000-007930

Publication date: 12 March 2024

Contract notice target 22 April 2024

Submission target date 27 May 2024

Award target date 24 June 2024


B2G.services will shortly be tendering a national framework for use by contracting authorities across the UK wishing to procure the new or continued services of specialist roofing contractors to deliver pitched and solar roofing solutions, including installations, repairs and upgrades and all associated works, goods and services, for both residential and non-residential property.

Whilst this framework will not seek to limit the choice or source of any products procured through it, given historic usage patterns and thus likelihood their products will feature in client specifications, it has been prepared with the active input and co-operation of system suppliers including Redland, Marley, Sandtoft and Cedral, with a view to facilitating the procurement of projects where their roofing and solar products are being installed.

Specialist roofing contractors with proven capability of successfully delivering projects for contracting authorities are invited to email tenders@b2g.services