Our Frameworks

Why B2G frameworks?

Because the specification is first class, having been written by central purchasing specialists with first-hand knowledge of delivering public works from both public and private perspective. The result is a specification that combines the flexibility to suit a wide range of requirements with the assurance of high build quality and compliance with all regulations and standards.

Because our levy is low at just1% per invoice. To fund our service a levy is payable on all invoices submitted by suppliers to buyers in respect of all projects. But beyond that, there's no access fee, annual fee or registration fee. And so, since we don’t cover our costs unless the framework is used, we work hard to ensure it's attractive to both buyers and suppliers.

Because we deliver commercial value for BOTH buyers AND suppliers. We understand buyers need controllable costs and competitive prices, but we also understand that suppliers need to operate on a sustainable and profitable basis. Our innovative approach delivers on both counts and tallies with the government's preferred Should Cost Modelling, with clear benchmarks that demonstrate value for money.

Because we deliver social value as standard. Our suppliers aim to achieve 85% local labour and supply chain on every project, and commit to supporting all measures set out in the Considerate Constructors Scheme's Social Value Checklist which relate to employment, supply chain, supplier, equipment and community engagement programmes.

Because we deliver quality projects - on time, on budget, on spec. We don’t artificially limit numbers on our frameworks, but focus instead on setting the bar sufficiently high that operators without the relevant experience, competence or capability exclude themselves. The companies we award are reliable and trustworthy, with the certification, affiliations and case studies to prove it.

As a consequence buyers can award a contract direct to any supplier appointed to our framework confident they will deliver to a quality that meets or exceeds all regulations and standards, at a price demonstrably below market average, and in full support of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, thus generating commercial value for money AND social value for the community - embodying the principles of MEAT.

Who can use B2G frameworks?

Any publicly funded organisation and or contracting authority in England, Wales and Scotland as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 including but not limited to any central government department, agency, devolved administration and or national/non-departmental public body or any local authority, unitary authority, or subsidiary or joint-venture vehicle of a local or unitary authority, or any arms-length management organisation or council owned company, or any school, college, university, education trust or authority, or any transport authority or service provider, or any health authority, council, board or trust, or any police, fire, rescue or emergency service, or any housing association, registered social landlord or tenant management organisation or any registered charity may access B2G frameworks as a Buyer, as may any private sector organisation, particularly those established by public sector organisations to deliver public services.