Flat Roofing Full Systems

& all associated works, goods & services

This framework can be used by any UK contracting authority to procure the installation, repair or upgrade of flat roofing full systems and all associated works, supplies and services, on any property anywhere in the UK.

Key features:

Project assignment: our 'dynamic consortia' model

This framework can be used in tandem with our DPS: If a significant part of a project will be sub-contracted, the framework supplier may assign it in whole or part to their specialist approved contractor registered on the DPS, who then contracts with the client and delivers the project.

This approach has been specially designed with flat roofing installations in mind, where where clients need the system supplier directly involved throughout, from pre-installation design to post-project warranty. but where the system is typically installed by their approved contractor, who manages all on-site operations and is thus better suited to contract directly with the client.

Historically suppliers and contractors would have to form a consortium in advance of a framework bid, which is not only cumbersome and time consuming to assemble in advance of any project being awarded, but also limits the potential for clients to select the most suitable contractor when each project arises.

Our approach, where consortia develop dynamically, as and when approved contractors are vetted and join the DPS, assures optimum efficiency and compliance from procurement through delivery, and enables clients to bind both system supplier and contractor in the delivery of the project.

If you want your budget spent on your property, not procurement, B2G offers a compliant, cost effective solution.

Buyers: Please contact us for more information and/or download the project registration form from this website. 


assures compliance and build quality

Asset Class:

Both housing and non-housing

Project Size:

From single smaller site to complex multi-site projects, programmes and term contracts

Work Type:

The delivery of flat roofing 'full system' installations, repairs and upgrades including but not limited to

For more details about the specification, which also addresses project control and on-site performance as well as applicable Codes of Practice, please contact a member of the B2G team or our appointed suppliers.

Suppliers & Lots

proven capability, nationwide

FRS22 is a single lot framework covering all parts of the UK, within which each Supplier can designate (and update) their active regions and preferred project value ceilings and floors. Buyers may restrict invitations and Suppliers decline invitations based on those preferences. However, Buyers retain the right to invite and contract with any Supplier to deliver services anywhere in the 'lot' (ie. the UK) and Suppliers retain the right to deliver services for any Buyer anywhere in the 'lot' (ie. the UK).  

This innovative approach delivers optimum procurement efficiency and minimum carbon footprint to the benefit of all parties.


UK - United Kingdom


Alumasc Building Products Ltd

ICB (Waterproofing) Ltd


Langley Waterproofing Systems Limited

Soprema UK Limited

Triflex (UK) Ltd

Call Off Process

flexible and efficient

Buyers can award a contract direct to any supplier confident they will deliver to a quality that meets or exceeds all regulations and standards, at a competitive price, and in full support of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, thus generating both commercial AND social value - embodying the principles of MEAT.


The Buyer registers the project with B2G - document can be downloaded from this website 


The Buyer has three options, and may apply their own criteria or weightings, subject to ensuring that any action taken is transparent, non-discriminatory and fair. 

Direct award:

Direct Award to a Supplier, who nominates one approved contractor who is registered on the B2G DPS.

Direct award & Mini-Competition:

Direct Award to a Supplier, in tandem with a mini-competition between a shortlist of the Supplier's approved contractors who are registered on the B2G DPS

Mini competition:

Mini Competition between Suppliers, each bid comprising a Supplier and their nominee approved contractor who is registered on the B2G DPS.


In each case, if a significant part of the Project is to be sub-contracted to their approved contractor registered on the B2G DPS, then the Supplier may assign the Project or part thereof to their approved contractor and the Buyer may then contract directly with the approved contractor (the assignee 'Supplier') under the B2G DPS to deliver those works, supplies and or services, under the auspices of the framework systems supplier, and compliant with the specification, standards and regulations set out in the framework documents. 


The Buyer contracts the Supplier using their preferred form of contract, which may be one of the JCT/SBCC, NEC or PPC/FAC/TAC suites of contracts or the Buyer’s modified version, or any other standard form of contract or Pre-Contract Service Agreements (PCSA)  used by the construction industry.


The project is delivered by the Supplier/s according to the agreed KPIs and terms and - for the avoidance of doubt, whether self-performed or assigned - compliant with the specification, standards and regulations set out in the framework documents. B2G monitors the project.

Price increases

Price increases (including for materials) can be applied in line with either BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) or RPI (Retail Price Index) or CPI (Consumer Price Index) using ONS (Office of National Statistics) data and applying the Framework’s month of launch as the base index.

Social Value

community benefit comes as standard

As a requirement for being appointed to the framework every bidder confirmed their willingness to deliver all the measures set out in the Considerate Constructors Scheme's Social Value Checklist which, depending on the size and nature of the Project and the needs of the local community, might include:

Local employment

Full & part time; apprenticeships; work experience

Supply chain

Local sub-contractors, suppliers, social enterprises, NGOs & charities

Supplies & equipment

Locally manufactured; reused or recycled; or sustainably sourced 

Community engagement

Educational (eg. engaging with local schools & colleges etc); social (eg. engaging with local clubs & charities etc); or environmental (eg. litter patrol & work parties etc)

Key Data

Official publication numbers

PiN:   FTS # 2022/S 000-021648 

CN:   FTS # 2022/S 000-033096 

CAN: FTS # 2023/S 000-007144 


Flat Roofing Full Systems and all associated works supplies and services



Start date

10 March 2023


12 months, auto-renewable, until B2G serves notice


45260000 - Roof works and other special trade construction works


UK - United Kingdom


A levy of 1% is payable on all call off project invoices. There are no other management fees.

Contracting Authority

Gold Hill Housing Association (National registration # IP17437R)

Framework & DPS Manager

B2G Ltd for and on behalf of GHHA (Company registration # 12271806)

Buyer eligibility

Any publicly funded organisation and or contracting authority in the United Kingdom as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 including but not limited to any central government department, agency, devolved administration and or national/non-departmental public body or any local authority, unitary authority, or subsidiary or joint-venture vehicle of a local or unitary authority, or any arms-length management organisation or council owned company, or any school, college, university, education trust or authority, or any transport authority or service provider, or any health authority, council, board or trust, or any police, fire, rescue or emergency service, or any housing association, registered social landlord or tenant management organisation or any registered charity may access B2G frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems as a Buyer, as may any private sector organisation, particularly those established by public sector organisations to deliver public services.


A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was published on 8 August 2022; the Contract Notice (CN) was published on 22 November 2022; and the Contract Award Notice (CAN) was released for publication on 10 March 2023.


10 requests for the ITT documentation were received. A submission date extension was requested and granted, extending the deadline from 31 December 2022 to 31 January 2023, to take account of the fact that many manufacturers shut down and/or reduce operations over the Christmas and New Year period. All active were participants notified, and the framework webpage was also updated with the new submission date. 5 bids were received on or before 11pm on 31 January 2023. No late submissions were received.


Our objective was to assure competent suppliers and competitive rates. We set the bar accordingly high. Each section of the bid document was scored separately, and weighted as follows:


Pursuant to Clause 87 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 preliminary award notices were issued to 5 bidders on 28 February 2023, each of whom share top rank for quality, price and VFM, and can each therefore be direct awarded to any project, by any contracting authority, anywhere in the UK. A period of standstill ran through to midnight at the end of 10 March 2023. No challenges were received, and consequently Award Confirmations were sent to each bidder.

On 8 March 2024, a bid was received from Soprema UK Limited. As per the terms of the Framework Agreement which allow for additional suppliers to be appointed at each renewal date, subject to submitting a bid that is evaluated in accordance with the same criteria, Soprema UK Limited was awarded to the Framework on 10 March 2024 and an Award Confirmation sent on 14 March 2024.