Flat Roofing Full Systems

and all associated works, supplies and services


The Prior Information Notice (PIN) was published on Find a Tender Service (FTS):

Publication reference: 2022/S 000-021648

Publication date: 8 August 2022

The Contract Notice (CN) was published on Find a Tender Service (FTS):

Publication reference: 2022/S 000-033096

Publication date: 22 November 2022

Submission deadline: 31 January 2023


We're tendering a national framework designed to help any UK contracting authority procure a flat roofing full system (ie. bituminous, liquid, EPDM, single ply etc) installation, repair or upgrade and all associated works supplies and services, for any type of property, anywhere in the UK.

This framework is designed to attract tender responses from flat roofing system suppliers and manufacturers, who will be expected to oversee the design, survey and installation of full systems by approved system contractors, checking full installations to ensure material warranty and guarantee requirements are met prior to handover. Framework suppliers must therefore be able to offer a comprehensive all-in-one service to co-ordinate all of the above.

This Framework is also designed to be used in tandem with the B2G DPS to optimise efficiency and compliance in both the procurement and delivery of a Project: If a Project is awarded under this Framework and a significant part of the Project is to be delivered by a sub-contractor such as an approved system contractor who is also registered on the B2G DPS, then the Supplier may assign the Project or part thereof and the Buyer may contract directly with the assignee under the B2G DPS to deliver those works, supplies and or services under the auspices of the Supplier, and compliant with all standards and regulations set out in the Framework documents. 

It is therefore anticipated that approved system contractors will register for the B2G DPS.

Both system suppliers and approved contractors wishing to register interest should email