Minor Works, England

MW20 and MW21 are complementary frameworks that operate in parallel:

  • MW20's supplier is a principal contractor with national scale and multi-discipline capability

  • MW21's suppliers are principle contractors with regional focus

Both frameworks are for use by contracting authorities throughout England to procure both planned and responsive minor works in the construction, repair, maintenance and improvement of both housing and non-housing. They're suited to buyers who appreciate the continuity of a working relationship with a principal contractor to manage their works projects, whether single or multi-site, one-off or term contract.

Our MW20 supplier, Fortem, is an experienced principal contractor of scale and proven capability to manage and deliver all forms of building upgrade and associated works, on both housing and non-housing asset types, and the capacity to deliver complex, concurrent multi-site projects.

Key data

Official publication numbers

PIN: TED # 2020/S 180-435797

CN: TED # 2020/S 202-492015

CAN: TED # 2021/S 069-177168


Minor Works, England


B2G MW 20

Start/End dates

6 Apr 2021 – 31 Mar 2025



45000000 Construction work;


45300000 Building installation work,

45400000 Building completion work,

45260000 Roof works and other special trade construction works


UKC North East;

UKD North West;

UKE Yorks/Humber;

UKF East Mids;

UKG West Mids;

UKH East of England;

UKI London;

UKJ South East;

UKK South West




50% Quality / 50% Price

Contracting Authority

Gold Hill Housing Association (National registration # IP17437R)

Framework Manager

B2G Ltd for and on behalf of GHHA (Company registration # 12271806)

Framework cost

A levy of 1% is payable on all call off project invoices. There are no other management fees.

Buyer eligibility

Any publicly funded organisation and or contracting authority in England as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 including but not limited to any central government department, agency, devolved administration and or national/non-departmental public body or any local authority, unitary authority, or subsidiary or joint-venture vehicle of a local or unitary authority, or any arms-length management organisation or council owned company, or any school, college, university, education trust or authority, or any transport authority or service provider, or any health authority, council, board or trust, or any police, fire, rescue or emergency service, or any housing association, registered social landlord or tenant management organisation or any registered charity may access B2G frameworks as a Buyer, as may any private sector organisation, particularly those established by public sector organisations to deliver public services.

Supplier & Lot

proven capability, nationwide


Fortem is an established national property solutions provider to public and private property owners, with a team of 1000+ offering a full range of maintenance services to a wide range of social housing partners as well as public building, blue light service and education clients.


This is a single lot framework covering all parts of England. Fortem has been awarded as sole supplier.


assures compliance and build quality

Asset Class:

Both housing and non-housing

Project Size:

From single smaller site to complex multi-site projects

Work Type:

The delivery of minor works and all associated works and services including but not limited to:

  • thermal upgrades

  • roofing upgrades

  • window & door upgrades

  • kitchen & bathroom upgrades

  • disability adaptations; and

  • cyclical decorations & repairs

For more details about the specification, which also addresses project control and on-site performance as well as applicable Codes of Practice, please contact a member of the B2G team or our appointed suppliers.


certification + case history = competence

We assure competency & proven experience with a focus on

    • third party certification and affiliation (including ISO, CHAS, CITB, BBA, NFRC, CRS, CIGA, FENSA, FISA, FIRA, SBD, NASC, PASMA, MEWPs, IPAF etc); and

    • case studies, where bidders were required to submit at least one example of delivering all works covered within the specification, and at least one resi and one non-resi asset type. Bidders were required to submit 6 projects, and B2G sought clients’ validation of each project submitted, securing 100% responses (all positive).


"should cost" = sustainable + competitive

In line with the government’s Should Cost Modelling (SCM) we focus on achieving sustainable & competitive pricing rather than a race to the bottom.

Bidders were required to submit discounts against NHF7 schedules and prices for all key OHP% and Prelims.

As a result buyers enjoy clear benchmarked savings and clear cost control of all major line items.

Social Value

community benefit comes as standard

As a requirement for being appointed to the framework every bidder confirmed their willingness to deliver all the measures set out in the Considerate Constructors Scheme's Social Value Checklist which, depending on the size and nature of the Project and the needs of the local community, might include:

Local employment

Full & part time; apprenticeships; work experience

Supply chain

Local sub-contractors, suppliers, social enterprises, NGOs & charities

Supplies & equipment

Locally manufactured; reused or recycled; or sustainably sourced

Community engagement

Educational (eg. engaging with local schools & colleges etc); social (eg. engaging with local clubs & charities etc); or environmental (eg. litter patrol & work parties etc)

Moreover, our supplier typically aims to achieve 75% local labour and supply chain on every project.

Call Off Process

flexible and efficient

Buyers can award a contract to Fortem confident they will deliver to a quality that meets or exceeds all regulations and standards, at a price demonstrably below market average, and in full support of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, thus generating commercial value for money AND social value for the community - embodying the principles of MEAT.


As Fortem is the sole supplier the Buyer can direct award a Project, and to do this:


The Buyer registers the project with B2G


The Buyer contracts the Supplier using one of the JCT/SBCC, NEC or PPC/FAC/TAC suites of contracts or Pre-Contract Service Agreements (PCSA) or the Buyer’s modified version of such standard forms.


The Supplier delivers the project according to the agreed terms and KPIs, and B2G monitors the project.

Price increases

Price increases (including for materials) can be applied in line with CPI using ONS data and applying the Framework’s month of launch as the base index.

Tender Report


A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was published on TED on 16 September 2020 in relation to B2G MW20, a Minor Works framework covering England. As a result of an online (Survey Monkey) questionnaire and direct phone feedback from companies who expressed interest the decision was taken to create separate frameworks, with MW20 aimed at large contractors of national scale and focus, and MW21 aimed at contractors of regional scale and focus, to tally with government guidelines on preventing unfair competition.


A Contract Notice (CN) was published on TED on 16 October 2020. 9 requests for the ITT documentation were received. 1 bid was received on or before 4pm on 17 Dec 2020. No late submissions were received.


Our objective was to assure competent suppliers and competitive rates. Each section of the bid document was scored separately, and weighted as follows:

  • Standard Questions
    This section is pass/fail. Standard Questions were based on PAS91 & ESPD format, covering company and financial standing, the latter evaluation based on financial accounts and insurance certificates submitted with each bid, and full independent financial reports from Veriphy, including current credit status, with emphasis placed on proven sustained profitability and a positive current ratio.

  • Social Value
    This section is pass/fail. Social Value support by all bidders was confirmed across four categories of measures (in accordance with the Social Value Checklist developed by the Considerate Constructors Scheme) covering local employment, supply chain, supplies and equipment, and community engagement. The average local labour and supply chain target is 75%.

  • Quality
    This section was weighted 50%.
    For Quality the focus was to assure competency and proven experience, with a focus on third party certification and case studies, with cleint confirmation sought for each case stdy submitted.

  • Price
    This section was weighted 50%.
    For Pricing our approach tallies with the government’s Should Cost Modelling, with its focus on achieving competitive sustainable pricing rather than a race to the bottom. Bidders supplied regional discounts against NHF7 Schedule of Rates; as well as prices for all key OHP% and Prelim costs to ensure an optimal balance of competitive pricing and cost control.


Pursuant to Clause 87 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 a preliminary award notice was issued to 1 bidder on 24 March 2021: Fortem Solutions Ltd


Pursuant to Clause 87 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 a period of standstill ran through to midnight at the end of 5 April 2021. No challenges were received, and consequently an Award Confirmation were sent to the bidder, and the Contract Award Notice (CAN) was released for publication on TED on 6 April 2021.