Dynamic Procurement System

for Construction and RMI
works, supplies and services


The Contract Notice (PIN) was published on Find a Tender Service (FTS):

Publication reference: 2022/S 000-033097

Publication date: 22 November 2022

You may register as a supplier at any time.


On behalf of Gold Hill HA, B2G.services are tendering a national DPS for use by any UK contracting authority wishing to procure construction, repair, maintenance or improvement works, supplies and services, and all associated works supplies and services, in relation to any asset class of property, anywhere in the UK.

Suppliers may specify their preferences in terms of region, project value and work type including but not limited to roofing, insulation, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, heating, electrics, painting, decorating, adaptations, scaffolding, groundworks, landscaping, demolition, security, cleaning, waste collection and disposal.

This DPS is also designed to be used in tandem with a B2G framework to optimise efficiency and compliance in both procurement and delivery of a project: If a project is awarded under a B2G framework and a significant part of the project is to be delivered by a sub-contractor (eg. a flat roofing system manufacturer sub-contracting installation to an approved system contractor) and the sub-contractor is registered on the DPS, then the B2G framework supplier may assign the project or part thereof and the buying contracting authority may contract directly with the assignee under this DPS to deliver those works, supplies and or services under the auspices of the B2G framework supplier and compliant with all standards and regulations set out in the B2G framework documents.

You may register as a supplier at any time.

Please email tenders@b2g.services to obtain the registration documents.